Transporting Homeless Pets to Forever Homes

Transporting adoptable pets to another state or part of the country is an excellent way to find homes for these pets. There are many organized groups that provide transportation to areas that need adoptable pets. Some areas have city and county laws that require pets to be spayed and neutered, which dramatically reduces the pet population. For example, parts of Colorado have a shortage of adoptable pets.

Pilots N Paws is an online meeting place for pilots and other volunteers who help to transport rescued animals by air. Go to their forum to see the many posts about animals needing transport and pilots volunteering their own planes and time. A special event called Pilots N Paws 5000 has a goal of saving 5000 pets the week of September 12th through the 20th. Read the guidelines for ways you can volunteer. This event would be a good way for kids and families to volunteer on behalf of homeless pets.

Find many more groups online, including Animal Rescue Flights. See the map of “ARFports” across the U.S.A.

Colorado Animal Rescue Express (C.A.R.E.) works with over 96 Colorado rescue organizations. This group rents vans to transport animals primarily from Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Nebraska. Some animals have been transported from Texas, Louisiana, and Kentucky. Since October 2008, they have brought animals back from New Mexico every 3 weeks. “As of 5/15/09, C.A.R.E. has driven over 248,000 miles to save these animals. About 10,000 miles are being driven each month to save over 200 dogs each month.” What an incredible group of caring people! If your shelter is located in these states, could this group help transport adoptable cats and dogs to Colorado?

Use Online Transportation Groups for Adoption Help

Petfinder has a very active transport forum which helps animal rescue groups or individuals find ways of transporting pets by any means, not just air transport. See the many posts asking for help with transport all over the country.

Check animal transport Yahoo groups to research transportation and volunteer possibilities. There were 39 groups when I checked.

Search Online for Transportation Help in Your Area

Search online using terms such as “animal rescue transportation” and “animal transportation” + “groups” or “organization” to find many listings of these groups. Some are very specific to a certain city; others cover several states. You’ll find forums and groups that are asking for help, as well as organizations that offer transportation. Animal-loving kids could be very helpful in researching ways to transport pets.

Adopting and Transporting One Homeless Pet at a Time

Our local news covered a story about a cat in an Albuquerque shelter named Misty who found her forever home in Canada after one person started a massive email campaign asking for help. That sweet cat had not been adopted at the numerous events her Albuquerque shelter had sponsored. One kind person decided Misty deserved a home. Through an aggressive email campaign, Misty’s story touched the heart of her new owner in Canada.

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