Twenty Ways for Animal Shelter Pets to Say “Take Me Home”

Homeless pets are just as smart and desirable as those purchased from a breeder. So why do so many potential adopters assume otherwise? I’ve seen donors to animal shelters purchase a pet rather than adopt one of our homeless friends. Educating the public that these pets are not second-class citizens is so important to increase the adoption rate. Maybe telling a story of how your shelter pets became homeless would help. Here are some ideas for their profiles on your website or advertising copy in your local newspaper.

—    I temporarily don’t have a home. But I’m still awesome.
—    Don’t judge me by the mistakes of my humans. I deserve much more.
—    My humans had to move to a place where I couldn’t go. They didn’t want to leave me.
—    Beloved pet yesterday. Foreclosed beloved pet today.
—    I lost my home when my humans lost theirs.
—    I was part of a family. They left town without me. How could they?
—    I thought they loved me. I guess I was wrong.
—    You’ll never find a more loyal companion than me.
—    A human lap to sit on for five years. Now it’s just me.
—    Yes I currently reside in a shelter. But I’m still a top dog.
—    My owner gave me up. What an idiot.
—    My human made some bad choices. Giving me up was one.
—    My human didn’t have enough food for both of us.
—    Just because my human was dumb enough to give me up doesn’t mean I’m dumb.
—    I once had a whole yard to myself. Maybe you have a yard we could play in?
—    Humans do dumb things. Like leaving their pets in the back yard when they move.
—    My owner left me. I’ll never leave you if you take me home.
—    I’m hoping this homeless thing is just temporary.
—    We all have bad days. My worst day was when my Mom had to give me up.
—    Rescue me. Then I’ll rescue you.

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