Special Memories of a “Less Adoptable” Pet

Black cats are often passed over at shelters. We’re so glad we had the pleasure of sharing two great years with Zia, a darling black cat we adopted as a tiny kitten through the local shelter. His name symbolized the sun and he had the sunniest personality of any pet we’ve shared our home with. We were stunned and heartbroken that our two year old little sweetheart died July 9, 2009 during a routine dental procedure. Very animated and downright funny, he was a total joy every single day from the very first afternoon. We’re so sad that his life was so short.

We can always learn from our pets. That little guy taught us not to take ourselves too seriously and enjoy every day. For now we’re struggling with enjoying our days without our sweet Zia. Only two years in our home but in our hearts forever. You were such a treasure, Zia.

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, be sure to consider black pets and senior pets. We would have missed out on a wonderful little companion if we had overlooked our adorable Zia.

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