Four Ideas for Finding Volunteers to Help Homeless Pets

Are you looking for new volunteers to work at your shelter, to participate in fundraising events, to offer professional services, or to serve on an advisory board? What about targeting specific groups of people rather than individuals? Many groups are already established in your community based on common interests, marital status, age, etc. Reach out to these groups to be your partners in reducing the number of homeless pets in your area.

Military personnel – Young soldiers can be a part of something they enjoy and know they’re making a contribution. A great example of military involvement in the opening of a no-kill shelter called Animal Village New Mexico in Alamogordo. Military volunteers from Holloman Air Force Base have pitched in to help these homeless pets. AVNM is rapidly taking shape on nine acres of land in this small town in southern NM. According to the Albuquerque Journal, “about 2500 square feet is to be developed immediately into kennel and boarding facilities.” This facility was “overwhelmed by offers of support from soldiers, and is organizing dozens of volunteers from the base to get AVNM ready.” What a great partnership! Could you develop a similar partnership in your community?

Kids groups – Boys and Girls Club, Girls Inc, after-school youth groups sponsored by churches or recreation centers, etc are all candidates for helping homeless pets. These groups typically take on community projects. Helping homeless pets would be a perfect partnership for them. Contact the adult sponsors of these programs and ask how you might work together.

See our article What Kids Can Do for Animals and Ways Shelters Can Involve Kids with Helping Homeless Pets.

Singles – Singles of all ages are often looking for ways to meet people with similar interests. Does your community have a singles group? Contact them and ask if they’d like to volunteer and/or sponsor fundraising events.

See our blog post Fundraising Activities for Singles to Help Homeless Pets. A very small percentage of our subscribers read that blog post when it was posted several months ago. If you’re not working with singles, you’re missing out on an important segment of your community. Take note of the many activities these groups sponsor. They often schedule holiday meals, travel, etc. They’re not necessarily looking for their life partner but others with common interests.

Empty nesters/retirees – Contact senior centers, active adult communities, church groups, etc., and ask if members/residents would like to help homeless pets. They could sponsor fundraising events, volunteer at the shelter, and provide a new avenue for reaching more seniors in your community.

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To find more groups you could partner with, check your local newspaper for listings of “connections” or social group meetings.

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