Ten Ways Kids Can Use Facebook to Help Homeless Pets

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Most teenagers spend a good part of their days using Facebook and texting their friends. Take advantage of these social networking skills by asking animal-loving teenagers to help homeless pets. These volunteers can contribute to the shelter’s Facebook page or set up their own page for pets using these ten ideas.

– Involve their friends in helping homeless pets by asking other teenagers to share posts about pet fundraisers, adoption events, contests, etc. on their Facebook pages. Take advantage of the viral component of social networking to spread the word to other animal-loving kids.

– Post challenges to other teenagers such as “the best idea for a fall fundraiser.”

– Ask for teenage volunteers to take photos of shelter pets and write descriptions of each pet.

– Ask other teenagers for ideas on how local teenagers can organize an ongoing program to help shelter pets. Pet food drives, fundraising in the community, a challenge among different classes at school for dollars raised, etc could be suggestions.

– Announce the number of pets adopted at an adoption event, dollars raised at fundraisers, pleas for special needs pets’ medical expenses, etc.

– Post photos of pets available for adoption and link to their website page. Include a clever caption or brief description of each pet.

– Do you have a pet food bank? Post information on location, hours, the preferred food for donations, qualifications for obtaining food, etc.

– Ask other teenagers to post ideas on ways to help homeless pets as a family activity.

– Use Facebook to link to the shelter’s website pages about happy tails stories, lost and found pets, etc.

– Link to YouTube videos and to any slideshows or videos on the shelter website. Videos can showcase fundraising events, pets available for adoption, or the story of a pet finding his forever home.

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