Kids Can Learn and Help Homeless Pets for a Sweet Valentine’s Day

Raise funds for homeless pets by coordinating learning events for kids. Shelters, churches, after-school youth groups, or parents can sponsor and coordinate these events. Just one family could make a difference and enjoy Valentine’s events with their kids to make a difference for the sweetest Valentines we know, our four-legged friends.

Organize a candy-making class for young girls and teenagers

Make a variety of candies, including heart-shaped chocolates. Several Moms can share the duties. For example, Mom with a large kitchen can host the class; the gourmet cook Mom can conduct the class; the organizer can coordinate the class, purchase the ingredients, etc. You can help the kids sell their goodies at a Valentine candy sale and/or charge to attend the class. Of course, present some of the candy to Dad for Valentine’s Day.

Conduct an art class for kids to make Valentines

An art teacher, a professional artist, or a Mom with an artistic flair could do this. The responsibilities can be divided among the artist, a Mom with a large enough space to handle a class, an organizer to purchase the materials, etc. Kids could make several cards and sell these along with the candy sale mentioned above. Or, ask a local art gallery to showcase these cards and sell them to the kids. Kids could pay a fee to attend the art class.

Conduct a pet photography class

Since so many kids own their own digital cameras, this class could be useful for future use as well as a means of helping homeless pets. Find a large enough place to bring animals, maybe an outdoor location, and a photographer whos good at pet photography. Ask the photographer to donate his time. This is excellent public relations and wouldn’t take much time. To raise money, students could pay a fee to attend the class. Find a way for others to vote on the photos, such as posting the photos online at the animal shelters website or local newspapers website, and find donors such as camera shops, photographers, galleries, etc., to pay $1 for each vote with the proceeds going to the shelter.

Kids can draw pictures of their pets

In an organized setting, have kids bring photos of their pets. Provide art materials and ask an art teacher or anyone who can draw to conduct the class. Be creative with ways to raise money with this project. For example, ask a jury of artists to judge these pictures and find sponsors to pay prize money, which will go to the local shelter. These pictures could also be posted somewhere in the community, online at the local newspaper’s website, or the shelter’s website for visitors to vote. Kids can find sponsors to donate dollars equal to the number of votes they receive. Sponsors or underwriters could be art galleries, antique shops, card shops, pet stores, etc.

Conduct an art class at the local shelter for kids to draw pictures of shelter pets

Take photos of shelter pets and let kids draw from those photos. A fun project would be to use one cat and one dog and let the kids draw their own vision of that pet. It’s fun to see all the different versions. Ask a local art gallery or retail store to sell the artwork or have the kids find sponsors for their drawings.

Conduct a dance class for kids

These classes could be just for young girls, couples, or Dad and daughter. Professional dancers or dance teachers aren’t required to teach these classes. Often high school cheerleaders are good dancers and could be recruited to be instructors. A dance contest could follow up the classes. Money can be raised in a variety of ways. Each couple could seek sponsors who would donate money for their entry fee; contestants could buy tickets to participate, or the activity organizer could find sponsors to donate money to the local shelter in the names of the dance contest winners. In addition, conduct Valentine’s sales at the dance event to sell candy, cards, or artwork created to benefit pets. Or, contestants could buy raffle tickets with local businesses donating items for the shelter’s wish list.

Sponsor a make a gift basket for shelter pets party for kids

From your shelter’s wish list, buy items the shelter needs and ask kids to help arrange the baskets. Wish lists often include food, but you’ll also see toys, grooming items, paper products, trash bags, hand soap, etc. As part of the party, take the kids shopping for the items and then have them assemble the baskets. Be creative with the baskets. Maybe you can substitute an item on the list to use as your container rather than a basket. Several families can do this jointly or it can be sponsored by a church group, an after-school youth group, etc.

Conduct a class for young girls on hosting an afternoon tea

Young girls can arrange flowers, set the tables, make cookies and sandwiches (perhaps just assemble the sandwiches and bake the cookies if some of the preparation is done ahead), and of course, make the tea. At a pre-determined time, Moms can join their daughters for an afternoon of tea, sandwiches, and cookies. Charge a fee for this with proceeds going to the shelter.

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