Three Animal Shelter Grant Ideas

Grants are still available to animal shelters, although not nearly as many as we’d like to see. Following are three opportunities you can check out. Be sure to read the rules carefully before you submit a grant application and complete the application as soon as possible if your shelter qualifies.

The 2012 Veterinary Care Fund grant program from Adopt is giving away $20,000 in grants to help with veterinary expenses for animal shelter pets.

From June 13 through October 25, 2012, one grant of $1,000 will be awarded each week. Applications are accepted through October 18.

The PetCo Foundation offers a variety of grants including:

Capital Grants (for new building, existing building repair, vehicles, and equipment).

Product Support (items must come from PetCO and can be used for general operations, special event/goodie bags, feeding program/food bank, disaster relief, silent auction and transport/holding/adoptions).

We Are Family Too (funds such programs as pet food banks, product donations, referral lists of pet-friendly housing, short-term foster pet care and Veterinary services).

4 Rs Project Support. The 4Rs represent PetCO’s efforts to Reduce (spay/neuter); Rescue (adoptions); Rehabilitate (training); and Rejoice (promotes and assists with the human/animal bond).

Look for state-specific grants. Missouri Department of Agriculture offers Pet-Friendly Spay and Neuter Funding. Donations from the sale of “I’m Pet Friendly” specialty license plates generate the grant money awarded by a three-member panel appointed by the governor. Those grants are then distributed to selected agencies in Missouri for their efforts to help reduce the number of unwanted animals through local and regional spay and neuter initiatives

The Warrensburg Animal Shelter and the Sedalia Foundation for Animals in Risk were recently awarded $2,000 grants from the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Check your state’s department of agriculture website or any website which regulates animal shelters in your state. This grant’s funds come from sales of license plates. Perhaps you could develop a plan for selling similar license plates in your state. If your state has an animal protection group, contact them for help with this project.

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