Seventy Holiday Ideas to Help Homeless Pets

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A multiracial group of four seniors volunteering at an animal shelter. They are in one of the meet and greet rooms. The two women are sitting on a bench by a sunny window playing with one of the rescued cats. The two men are cleaning and sweeping the room. The African-American woman is in her 60s and her friends are in their 70s.

As the holiday season approaches, take advantage of Animal Shelter Tips website articles and blog posts about holiday fundraising, involving kids, working with other nonprofits, improving your website, and more. Following is a list of eight articles and posts with over seventy ideas you can use this holiday season. You’ll find ideas for animal shelters and rescues as well as animal-loving families.

Also, read about the Iams Homes for the Holiday promotion. Shelters and animal lovers can help reach this year’s goal of finding homes for 1.5 million homeless pets and donating 5 million meals to pets in need. Please take time to visit this site and participate!

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Holiday Adoption and Fundraising Ideas for Homeless Pets

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