Outdoor Fundraising Adventures to Help Homeless Pets

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Consider how you could use the following outdoor adventures to raise funds for your shelter or rescue on a snowy day this winter. Partner with different purveyors of these activities and ask for a portion of their revenue on certain days.

Try individual or group lessons. Or what about a family or kids’ birthday party? Holiday family outings in a beautiful mountain environment make great memories. Helping homeless pets at the same time would make the day even more special. Adding a gourmet meal to an outdoor adventure in a beautiful setting would appeal to many potential donors. Consider offering these outdoor adventures as a holiday gift using a gift card.

You don’t have to be located near a destination ski area. If you have a local place for cross country skiing or snowshoeing, create an adventure with a local restaurant. Enjoy a morning outing with snacks and head over to a local restaurant for a special meal afterward.

Start working now to arrange some fundraising events in which a portion of fees for lessons, parties, etc is donated to your shelter or rescue. Maybe one weekend a month. Or what about a full weekend to Help Homeless Pets in which a portion of the revenue from all activities at a ski area is donated to your shelter.

If you are located near a destination ski resort, check the resort website for special activities and lessons they offer.

Here’s a list of snow-related outdoor activities. What else is available in your area?

— Downhill or cross country ski lesson

— Sleigh rides. Many sleigh ride tours stop for hot chocolate, hot tea, cookies, etc. Some have a full meal cooked over a campfire.

— Guided snowshoeing outing on a private ranch or a remote wilderness area

— Hockey lesson

— Dog sledding or dog mushing (This would be a perfect partner if you have this in your area).

— Snowmobile tour

— Ice skating lesson

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