Last Minute Holiday Fundraisers for Animal Shelters You Can Plan Right Now

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A multiracial group of four seniors volunteering at an animal shelter. They are in one of the meet and greet rooms. The two women are sitting on a bench by a sunny window playing with one of the rescued cats. The two men are cleaning and sweeping the room. The African-American woman is in her 60s and her friends are in their 70s.

Do you have at least one fundraiser planned for the holidays? If you don’t, there’s still time to raise funds for homeless pets. Consider partnering with planned holiday activities in your town. Try to include kids whenever you can.

First, make a list of holiday-related events planned in your community. These events may be sponsored by the city, arts groups, churches, other nonprofits, schools, etc. Talk to your board of directors, your friend’s group, employees, and volunteers at the shelter, and check local events calendars to make your list. Check your city’s calendar from mid-November through mid-December. Then think of a variety of fundraising activities you could pair with these events. Contact the organizer of local events such as:

—  Any arts and craft show

—  Holiday events sponsored by profit and nonprofit groups including local arts groups, church groups, schools, performing arts groups, etc.

—  Holiday concerts

—  Food tasting events, food competitions, farmers markets special events

—  School performances

—  Local parades, Christmas tree lightings, tree giveaways, etc.

—  Local food drives for groups such as Second Harvest, etc.

—  Corporate office parties and events (they often raise money for a local nonprofit)

—  Open houses at local businesses, such as hotels, florists, cookware and food-related retail stores, landscaping companies, nurseries, Christmas tree farms, etc.

Once you develop a list of these events, think of ways you can partner with them to raise money, find homes for your homeless pets, and/or stock your pet food pantry. Here are a few fundraising events you can quickly put together with local events:

—  Ask any artist or participant in art shows to donate a percentage of her sales to your shelter.

—  For just about any event which allows pets on-site, ask an artist who draws or paints pets to set up a booth on your behalf. Let subscribers to your email list and the artist’s list know they can have a painting done of their pets on the spot. You could also sell gift cards for pet portraits to give as gifts.

—  Ask a local photographer to offer a class on pet photography and share revenue with your shelter or rescue. The photographer may develop new clients for humans or pets.

—  What about showing everyone what great friends they’re missing by showcasing a couple of your well-behaved dogs? For example, for just about any event, you could set up a table with well-mannered and friendly dogs offering a discount on adoption fees during the month of December (after your normal screening criteria is done).

—  Ask to set up a booth to sell any gift items your shelter may have to sell, such as T-shirts, pet beds, etc.

—  Think of ways to involve kids. For example, set up a booth to sell gift cards worth two hours of volunteer work at your shelter.

— Ask the public to bring pet food to local events. Specify your food preferences.

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