Homeless Dogs as Heroes: 8 Ideas

Have you noticed the many ways homeless dogs become heroes? So many of these dogs become more than great pets. They change lives. Research your region to find groups that recruit dogs from rescues or shelters to train them to become someone’s hero. Often these groups are not well known and operate on a very small budget. Here are eight ideas:

  • — Therapy dogs for nursing homes and hospitals
  • — Reading companions for kids
  • — Courthouse dogs to help abused kids, intimidated spouses, and others testify in a calm way against their abusers
  • — Companions to prisoners, who may train them for improved adaptability or as assistance dogs
  • — Assistance dogs for the developmentally disabled, the blind, or many others who need assistance
  • — Therapy dogs for returning soldiers who suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • — Companion dogs for troubled teens who may be living in homeless shelters or day facilities away from their parents
  • — Search and rescue dogs to locate humans after fires, hurricanes, avalanches, and more

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