Fundraising Activities for Singles to Help Homeless Pets

Has your local shelter or rescue group sponsored any fundraising events for animal-loving singles? What about establishing a singles “friends” group at your local shelter or rescue group? Or contact singles groups in your community for ideas on animal-related fundraisers they’d like to participate in. Here are some fundraising ideas that offer outdoor and learning activities in exchange for donations to help homeless pets.

Dance for pets
Sponsor dance classes on a regular basis plus special dance events and donate a portion of registration fees to the local animal shelter or rescue. An example of a dance event (although it wasn’t specifically for singles) was Dance for the Pets in Albuquerque, NM. Professional dance instructors donated their time to conduct dance classes including swing, contra, line, 2 step,s and more. Attendees enjoyed a pot-luck barbecue. Adoptable pets were on hand. This event was sponsored by a couple of animal lovers to benefit local animal groups.

Combine running with fundraising
If you’re in the Chicago area, you probably know about Team Paws Chicago. Paws Chicago is the city’s largest No Kill humane organization, “Run bike or swim to save homeless pets” by participating in a marathon, half marathon, or a triathlon. This event is not just for singles but offers benefits that appeal to singles, ie., year-long participation in a social network related to animals and running. About the Team explains the benefits of joining this event. Runners are asked to commit $600. Each team member gets a personalized online fundraising Web page. In 2009, TEAM PAWS Chicago raised more than $370,000 for PAWS. The goal in 2010 is $500,000.

Read about the athlete benefits, which include membership in the Chicago Area Runners Association, discounts on local race entry fees and at local retail stores, monthly pet-friendly informational seminars, complimentary massages for participants and their pets, monthly fun runs with dogs (or one from the PAWS shelter), social get-togethers, dog-friendly bar nights and more. You could use some of these ideas on a smaller scale in your community.

Gourmet dinners
Ask local restaurant(s) to participate and ask other businesses to help cover expenses. You can sponsor a dinner once a month or every other month. Go to different types of restaurants each time.

Wine tasting
Wine tasting events are popular and easy to set up. Ask a variety of wine retailers or restaurants to sponsor these events and schedule them on a monthly basis. The tastings could be at wine bars, restaurants, homes, etc.

Cooking classes
Sponsor a series of cooking classes just for singles with part of the proceeds going to animals. Ask local chefs to conduct the classes. You could also ask good cooks in your area to conduct classes. Offer a variety, such as food for entertaining, quick and low-calorie dinners, gourmet picnic ideas, etc.

Dog walks or hikes
Sponsor a fundraising dog walk with a gourmet picnic at the end of the trail. Charge for each human participant. Many areas have singles hiking groups; ask if they’d like to hike once a month to benefit homeless pets.

Photography classes

Sponsor a pet photography class or a general digital photography class. Organize a series of these in a variety of settings. Photograph action shots of dogs on hikes, photos of shelter pets to use on the shelter’s website adoption pages, and learn how to make a pet video for YouTube.

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