We’re Foxy and Sam, the two visionaries who helped put this guide together.

We live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with two humans who adore us, but we were homeless early in our lives. We know how hopeless that can feel, so we decided it was imperative that we share our tips for animal shelters and rescue groups.

Sam, the big and powerful orange and white tabby in these photos, was adopted from Operation Kindness in Carrollton, TX in September 1990. Foxy, the delicate young fox, wandered into our humans’ yard in the Colorado mountains in November 1999. She had on a collar but no tag or ID. Our humans said ever who let her get away (could she have been deliberately put out?) were crazy to let such a sweetheart go. Their loss and our gain. We quickly became soul mates and best friends.

Our human mom worked in marketing “in another life” as she describes it. She adores animals, so she did help a little, too. She told us she wants to help people help animals by using her past work experience to put together ideas on fundraising, finding grants, and more.

If you need help with your relationship, we’ve compiled a guide for that too:

Cat’s Guide to Love — A Babe Magnet and a Hot Fox Share Their Secrets — Relationship Advice for Humans. You can read our insider secrets on how to spice up your relationship free of charge, EXCEPT we do ask that you adopt a pet, donate to your local shelters, or help animals in some way.