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Take a tour of The Cat House on the Kings

Anyone can take a tour of The Cat House on the Kings, which is the largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center in the United States.

The Cat House on the Kings is located in Parlier, California (about 15 miles southeast of Fresno). It’s open to the public from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m every day of the year except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

You may also meet special guests like Heidi Hopper, who helped launch this sanctuary with her husband in their own backyard 27 years ago.

Meet the sanctuary cats

Here are some of the cats that you can meet at our sanctuary:

  • Mr. Bigglesworth is a three-year old ginger and white cat who has been living with us for about 5 months now. The first time he came to us, we weren’t sure how long he would be with us since according to his previous owners, his main hobbies include destroying furniture and hiding from humans. However, ever since he was adopted by a lovely couple who took him in as their own child, it seems like he’s found a place where he can relax without worrying too much about the dangers of the world.
  • Nala is an indoor cat who spent most of her life living in a basement with her mother but when her owner moved away during college and left them behind, she had to learn how to live outside all alone. We think that she needed more room for exploration because she kept escaping from the sanctuary so we found an owner who could give her more freedom than we could and now she lives happily in her new home!
  • Frankie is an 11-year old spayed female cat who was rescued after being abandoned by her owners on our doorstep back in 2018, They said they couldn’t afford him anymore but luckily our team member Ross was able to take care of him until we found someone else willing to take over!

Sanctuary pioneer Lynea Lattanzio

In the 1990s, Lynea Lattanzio became aware of an increasing problem for cats in her area. More and more stray cats were showing up in her front yard, and once she realized that their populations were growing at an alarming rate, she knew something had to be done.

Lynea didn’t want to put the animals down or abandon them to fend for themselves. She wanted a place where they could live out their lives with dignity and a high quality of life. To make this possible, she began putting together the first incarnation of what would eventually become The Cat House on the Kings.

Because of her hard work and dedication to cats across California’s Central Valley, Lynea is known as a pioneer in both feral cat rescue and sanctuary management. Every year since 1995, when it was incorporated as a non-profit organization under its current name, The Cat House on the Kings has continued expanding its facilities in order to keep up with demand from people who need help caring for their feline friends–and from those feline friends themselves!

Some cold, hard facts about the cat population in California alone

According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are over 400,000 feral cats in California alone. In The Golden State, this is attributed primarily to people’s desire to have their current cat, a kitten or stray cat spayed/neutered.

Over time, these kittens and strays go on to reproduce and continue reproducing for years after being born. This causes an excessive amount of cats that call the streets their home without going into any detail about the problems it causes for both humans and animals (which I’ll do later).

More sanctuaries like this

You can find plenty of animal shelters in your area, either online or via a public library. Like the Cat Sanctuary, about 50% of shelters are privately run and 50% are affiliated with local governments. Shelter animals generally have a better chance at long-term survival than strays, but you should be aware that many shelters still kill animals to make room for new ones.

If you’re looking for a no-kill shelter or sanctuary, you may need to do a bit more research. For example, while the Cat Sanctuary doesn’t refer to itself as “no kill” because they abstractly reserve the right to euthanize an animal in extraordinary circumstances such as severe injury or illness, they don’t put down cats based on space limitations like most other rescue organizations.

Meet Susie’s Place in North Carolina

Meet Susie’s Place in North Carolina, currently the world’s largest cat sanctuary. The place is 32,000 square feet and has a capacity of 400 cats. You can visit their site to see beautiful pictures of their kitties and even sponsor them for 50 dollars a month, which will help support their medical care. Here’s a video about them:

A peek inside Susie’s Place

Susie’s Place is a no-kill, no-cage sanctuary where all of the cats deserve a chance at life. We will not euthanize a cat except in extraordinary circumstances, due to illness or injury. All of our cats have been rescued from shelters where they had been slated for euthanasia and have been given a safe place to live and receive medical attention, food and shelter as long as they require it. Since we are a non-profit organization that receives no government funding, Susie’s Place is supported by donations from generous individuals like you. Your contribution will help us to continue our work maintaining the sanctuary and providing for the needs of these amazing animals.

These sanctuaries are always accepting donations and volunteers.

If you’d like to help the world’s largest cat sanctuary keep helping cats, there are several ways you can do this. One way is by donating money. To donate money, click here:

You can also volunteer at the sanctuary. To volunteer at the World’s Largest Cat Sanctuary, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Click on this link:
  • Scroll down until you see “Fill out our online application”
  • Fill in your name and email address and click on “Submit my application”

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