The Dogs That Deserve Better

Your Dog Deserves Better Food.

It’s important to always consult a veterinarian when determining the best diet for your dog, but it’s also important to be an informed customer. If you have any concerns about what is in your dog’s food, you can find a full list of ingredients and nutritional information on most pet food labels. It is in the interest of every responsible pet owner to know what kind of nutrition their dogs are getting from commercially-prepared foods. That said, there are times when even well-meaning pet owners may give their pets foods that could potentially be harmful (dairy products, for example). In instances such as these, knowing the signs that your dog is having an adverse reaction to certain foods can be crucial in preventing illness or injury.

Your Dog Deserves To Be Treated Like Family.

You can’t pick your family. But you can pick your dog’s family.

Your dog means the world to you, so don’t let anyone treat them like they’re less than a human child. If someone in your household doesn’t love and care for your dog like they would their own, they need to go.

It’s simple: your dog is a member of the family, so make sure everyone in their life treats them that way! Their safety should be top priority at all times—after all, would you really let someone near your child who was known to be careless or abusive? The same holds true for dogs! Just because they’re not humans doesn’t mean they feel any less pain when injured. A dog deserves to be treated with as much respect and dignity as any other member of the family—and that includes being kept safe from harm at all times.

Your Dog Deserves A Safe, Comfortable Bed.

You’ve probably heard it a million times—dogs need a safe and comfortable place to rest their precious paws. But what exactly makes up a great dog bed? How do you choose the right one? Here are some things to consider:


This one’s important and can impact the cost of your purchase. A bed that is too big or too small won’t be comfortable for your dog (or you). You don’t want it to take up too much space, but you also don’t want your dog to feel cramped or in danger of falling out. If you have more than one dog, make sure there is enough room for all of them on the bed—and still plenty of room for them to stretch out comfortably.


You should look for a material that will be soft and cozy for your pup. Whether they like cushioning, firmness, or something in between, find something that will give them comfort during naptime (and also allow them to sleep through the night). Some dogs like orthopedic beds with memory foam filling due to joint pain from arthritis or other conditions. Older dogs require softer cushions as they grow older and begin having trouble walking on hard surfaces. However, young pups need firmer support while their bones are still growing into place. There are lots of options out there so do some research before you make your purchase!


It can be hard finding just the right fabric combination that gives both durability and comfortability without sacrificing cleanliness—because let’s face it…we know our furry friends aren’t always clean-freaks themselves! If time is not on your side when trying out different materials then at least look into buying an easily washable bed cover which can be thrown into any machine without worrying about getting stains all over other clothes (or worse yet–your favorite jeans!). This way not only will there be less maintenance involved but also less hassle when changing

Your Dog Deserves Respect, Not Ridicule.

We have a tendency to speak about dogs as though they are unintelligent. We say things like “dogs don’t understand hand signals,” or “every dog is different.”

But dogs are intelligent creatures, and they deserve better than the way we often talk about them. They can read our moods and sense our feelings. They can learn to do amazing tricks, including reading books.

Dogs are individuals, just like we are. Dogs should be treated with respect because they deserve respect—just like us!

Your Dog Deserves Exercise Every Day.

Dogs are not like humans. For example, you can’t just take a pill to cure your sadness. There’s no quick fix for depression when you’re a dog. Rather, you need to get out and engage with the world around you. Your body was made for movement! Exercise every day will help keep your mind clear, so that you can better enjoy all of the exciting smells and fun things in life (like smelling other dogs’ butts).

  • Exercise helps prevent obesity: If you don’t exercise regularly, there is an increased likelihood that your body will gain weight and become fat. That’s why it’s important to get out and run around!
  • Exercise helps prevent depression: You might think that laying on the couch all day is relaxing, but being lazy can actually make it harder to feel good about yourself. When your body feels good, your mind tends to feel good as well! So go outside and stretch those legs! Run around in circles! It’ll do both you and your brain some good.

Your Dog Deserves A Happy Life Free From Abuse Or Neglect.

Your dog deserves to be treated as a member of your family who is loved and protected. This means that your dog should spend the majority of his or her time inside with you, not chained up outside exposed to the elements. It also means that if you have small children, you must provide training and supervision to ensure that they are not abusing the dog or allowing him or her to be abused by their friends. If your dog is being neglected by someone in your home, it’s your responsibility to remove this person from contact with the animal and find a way for them to no longer live under the same roof.

You should treat your dog as you would a close friend or family member.

Dogs, like humans, are social animals. They’re also pack animals, which means they crave the company of other dogs and adopt a hierarchical structure when forming groups. Although your dog will probably be happy to live with you (which is why they make such great pets!), it’s important to remember that they need to interact with other dogs occasionally. As part of a small pack or family unit consisting primarily of humans, your dog may feel isolated or lonely if their behavior is not corrected.

Some dog owners do not understand these basic issues because they treat their pets as possessions rather than companions. This is a mistake! Your dog deserves better than that! Dogs are loyal creatures who love unconditionally and are intelligent enough to understand both verbal and non-verbal cues from their owners; in fact, some new research suggests that dogs are even smarter than we previously thought—and that’s saying something! But dogs aren’t just smart: they’re emotional beings who have feelings and express themselves through body language and vocalizations. So don’t forget that your canine companion has great memories too—you’ll want him or her to remember all the good times you share together for years to come!

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