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Cats are very independent and don’t really need to be around people all the time. They can also be very affectionate, especially when they want your attention. Cats do not like water and usually avoid getting wet at all costs. Bored cats have been known to use the bathroom outside of their litter box, but this is usually because they’re upset with you for some reason. Though it’s a myth that cats can only eat meat, they are definitely carnivores and need to keep eating animal protein to stay healthy. Dogs are much more trainable than cats; a well-trained dog will usually follow commands properly in an instant. A cat may or may not ever learn what you mean when you tell it to “sit” or “stay.” However, cats can be trained to use a litter box consistently so long as they are taken care of properly and given their own special place in the home


Dogs are the most common pet in the US. They are a popular choice for their loyalty, friendliness and ability to be protective. Dog owners can benefit from the companionship and emotional support that dogs provide. Dogs are generally cared for by one person, but can also be cared for with multiple people in a household, such as a family or other group of individuals living together.

As with any animal, it is important to consider your own lifestyle before bringing home a dog; What sort of activities do you enjoy? Do you have time for walks? Would it make sense to have someone watch your dog if you’re out of town for more than two days at once?

If so then maybe this would make sense as an option!


Birds are typically easy to find. Bird owners should take the time to find their bird. Birds can be found in the yard, in the trees, or in the house.

Pets are an important part of our everyday life.

Pets are more than just animals we let hang out around our house. They are a part of the family and bring us so much joy and happiness. They have brought people together, comforted us in our time of need, and they even been there when no one else has. Pets help us become the person we are today.

They love you unconditionally when no one else does, they put their lives at risk for yours and never ask for anything in return. All they want is your attention and some good belly rubs. They also come with a lot of responsibilities like walking them, feeding them, taking them to the vet, bathing them and making sure they get enough exercise every day to stay fit and healthy. It’s hard work but it’s worth it because they are by your side through thick and thin!Pet Rescued and Reunited: A blog about rescues and how pets are brought back to their people.

Have you ever had a pet run away? It’s not a fun experience. We’re here to share stories of pets that have been rescued and reunited with their people. We hope these little tales will inspire and encourage you to keep looking for your lost pet.

Pet Rescued and Reunited is a blog that tells the stories of how pets are brought back to their families. We’re passionate about animals, and the love between them and their people. We believe in making the world better for pets, and we do that through various initiatives. You can learn more about them in this blog.

We are also a resource for pet owners who need help finding their lost or stolen pets, as well as rescue organizations who need help finding homes for animals in their care.

Hello there, friend! I’d like to welcome you to Pet Rescued and Reunited, the blog that celebrates the stories of our four-legged (or winged or clawed) friends who are brought back home by the amazing work of pet rescues and animal shelters.

In this age of social media, it’s easy to see instances of these amazing stories pop up in your Facebook feed—but we want to go deeper. We want to get into the details, the stories behind the picture. We want to help you understand more about the process of how a pet is rescued and reunited with its family. We want to celebrate more than just the happy ending: we want to celebrate all of it, every step along the way.

Here at Pet Rescued and Reunited, we’re going to share stories from people involved in all stages of pet rescue—from animal rescue workers themselves, to those who were rescued, reuniting with their families for the first time in months or even years. We’ll talk about the role that microchips played in getting pets back home (spoiler alert: they’re pretty darn important). We’ll discuss some of the most common reasons why pets get lost (did you know that fireworks are one of them?).

We rescue pets. We reunite them with their families. We run a blog about it.

Our goal is to inspire and inform pet owners around the world, by telling real-life stories of how we (and others) have rescued and reunited lost, stolen, or otherwise separated pets and their people.

Why do we do this? Because we think all animals are precious, and when those animals are attached to people that love them, the strength of that bond is worth celebrating.

Rescued: Domestic Shorthair Cat, Age 6, Female.

Abandoned at the side of a road in the middle of nowhere, this cat was rescued by an animal control officer and brought to a small no-kill shelter in central Idaho. The shelter scanned her for a microchip, but didn’t find one. They kept her for twenty days while they tried to find her owner via social media and local news outlets. After a full month without hearing from anyone who recognized her, the shelter tried to find her a home, but because she was older and not particularly friendly with strangers, it seemed like she might be stuck there forever.

But just when hope was dwindling… she was identified via PetKeys! Her owner is single-handedly running a nonprofit in the West African country of Benin. She had been trying to figure out how to get her beloved pet back home for months before discovering PetKeys on YouTube. Now she’s made arrangements for someone to pick up the cat from shelter and take it to the airport.

It’s happened to all of us. You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, when suddenly you hear that familiar voice calling for you: “Phineas! Phineas! PHINEAS!”

And just like that, you’re on the run again. Those people are after you—those people who don’t understand that your destiny is greater than what they want for you.

Maybe it’ll be better next time. Maybe if you can just make a new friend, one of those humans who speaks your language and can help translate your needs, they’ll be able to convince them to let you stay. Maybe they’ll finally see that this is where your heart belongs.

But then again… maybe it won’t. Maybe they’ll get lost along the way. Maybe they’ll forget how much they care. Maybe they’ll fall in love with someone else and won’t have the room in their hearts for you anymore.

Or maybe… maybe this time will be different. Maybe this time, someone will come along who speaks your language, who’s been waiting for someone exactly like you to come and find them in the crowd—someone who will open their door and their heart to your adventure and journey, and never let either one go again

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