Molly Needs Your Help!

Molly is a small dog with a big heart. 15 months ago, Molly was brought to the city shelter as a stray.

Meet Molly: a small dog with a big heart. 15 months ago, Molly was brought to the city shelter as a stray. At first, she didn’t trust most people, but she’s since been making some wonderful progress in her foster home. She’s now comfortable going up to people and asking for pets. Her foster reports that Molly loves to be pet and will roll over on her back for belly rubs if you ask nicely enough! She also likes playing with toys and chewing on bones or Kongs when she’s left alone at home.

Unfortunately, despite all of this progress, no one has come forward to adopt Molly yet. As a stray we know nothing of her background besides what we’ve learned since she came into our care—namely that Molly appears to be housetrained and is good with other dogs (and even cats!). We’re hoping that can change soon so we can get this sweet girl into a home of her very own!

When she arrived, she was very thin and clearly wasn’t well cared for.

She was very thin and clearly hadn’t been well cared for. She was wearing a collar with a broken buckle (I always wondered why she didn’t get out of it), her claws were so long that they curled into the pads of her front feet, there was something wrong with one of her eyes, and she could barely eat.

A volunteer at the shelter noticed how happy Molly was, even though she had to deal with so much discomfort.

A volunteer at the shelter noticed how happy Molly was, even though she had to deal with so much discomfort. She’s a super sweet dog who enjoys attention and loves belly rubs. Molly is just happy to be loved! She’s goofy and silly, too!

Your support can give her a second chance at a better life. Please donate today!

That volunteer decided to foster Molly until she could figure out what was wrong.

You may be wondering why this volunteer decided to foster Molly until we could figure out what was wrong. This is what they had to say:

> I was concerned she was sick and in pain, and that she would need some serious medical treatment before she could be adopted or returned to the shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter did not have any available space for an additional animal, so if I did not agree to foster her and give her a chance at recovery and adoption, then she would probably have been put down.

Despite her sweet nature, Molly had a hard time getting adopted because of her health issues.

It’s not uncommon for shelters to take in pets with special needs. Because of limited funds, they’re often unable to provide the kind of treatment these pets need. When we first met Molly, she was in a lot of pain due to bad teeth and a misaligned jaw. She was also suffering from low-grade arthritis in her hips and back, causing her difficulty walking even short distances. With no one using our extra bedroom at the time, my husband and I decided we could open our home to her while we got her the help she needed. We were so glad that she was able to leave the shelter at last!

With support from Kitten Rescue, Molly has been seeing an animal chiropractor who has helped her feel much better!

Molly receives chiropractic care twice per week and she has responded very well! She likes her chiropractor, and is happy to see him. We have seen great progress with Molly’s mobility, and know that she is able to be in less pain thanks to the hard work of her chiropractor. Without his help, we are sure that Molly would not be doing nearly as well as she is today. Please consider donating towards Molly’s medical care so that she can continue this important treatment!

But there is still more work to be done.

We’re happy to announce that Molly’s eye has been removed and she is healing well. Despite the good news, there is still more work to be done.

Molly needs dental surgery, a rabies vaccination, and to be spayed.

You can help us make sure Molly gets everything she needs in order to live a long, healthy life by giving toward her medical fund here.

Once all of her medical work has been completed, we’ll continue searching for a loving home for this sweet girl!

Now that Molly is feeling better, it’s time for her dental surgery! Her teeth need a lot of work and several will have to be removed.

The surgery will consist of pulling all of Molly’s damaged teeth and placing dental implants for the missing ones. This is costly but vital to restoring her bite, especially since she has several teeth that are broken at the gum line, which makes eating and drinking very painful. Without this work, she may even lose her ability to eat solid food in the future.

Molly’s surgery will cost $8,000 and we hope to raise $10,000 total so that we can afford other procedures such as bloodwork and x-rays before we get started with surgery.

She also needs her rabies vaccination and spaying before she can go home for good!

Molly needs her rabies vaccination and spaying before she can go home for good! While you’re at it, why not take care of pet health requirements like these for your own beloved dog?

>Rabies vaccination: While dogs rarely get rabies, if they do contract the virus, it’s fatal to humans. That’s one good reason to get your pooch vaccinated against the disease. It may also be required by law in your area. Killing two birds with one stone means less work for you—and who doesn’t love that?

>Spaying: Spaying a female dog has benefits beyond just preventing unwanted puppies. It can prevent uterine infections, reduce the risk of mammary tumors (as much as 90 percent), decrease aggression and roaming, and more! Some veterinarians believe that spaying is vital for a female dog’s health, while others believe that spaying before the first heat cycle is best. Talk to your vet about what’s right for you and your fur baby!

For about $350 we can get all of this done for Molly. If you can help, please go to our donation page at You can also send a check to Kitten Rescue PO Box 80321, Los Angeles CA 90008 (please write “For Molly” on the memo line). Thank you so much!

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