Meet Jack, an Adorable Cat Looking for a Loving Family to Adopt! Check Out His Video

Jack is a sweet and playful cat who has a lot of love to give!

Jack is a sweet and playful kitty who has a lot of love to give! He loves belly rubs, playing with cat toys, and lounging in the sun. He’s a rescue cat who is looking for his loving forever family. Check out this video of Jack playing with a toy mouse:

Learn more about adopting Jack at!

He was rescued from Animal Care & Control, so we don’t know much about his history, but we do know that he loves belly rubs, playing with cat toys and lounging on the couch.

How cute is that?

Jack is a total love bug, and will make a great companion to just about anyone. If you’d like to adopt him, please fill out an adoption application at

At Teeuwynn Animal Foundation, we strive to set up each pet with the perfect forever family based on lifestyle, personality, and energy level. We reserve the right to refuse service and adoption without disclosure.

His estimated birthday is on May 1st and he is up-to-date on vaccines, dewormed and neutered.

Jack was born on May 1st and is up-to-date on vaccines, dewormed and neutered.

It’s important to bring your cat or kitten in for regular vet visits so they are healthy and happy!

Adopting a cat is a great way to enrich your life.

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your family with a new furry friend, there are many reasons to consider adopting this adorable cat. Here’s why you’ll love having him around:

  • Cats can make loyal companions. This is particularly true of cats that have had to move around or spend time in shelters before being adopted. Jack has shown his ability to adapt and thrive with his previous foster families, both as an only pet and as one who got along well with other cats.
  • Cats are fun to play with! They’ll keep you entertained while they discover their surroundings, and they have a great time playing fetch or chasing after laser pointers. Jack loves games like that! He also has plenty of energy for them; he’s not just a lap cat—though he is happy cuddling when it’s time to relax at the end of the day.
  • Cats can be trained! While dogs get most of the attention for learning tricks, kitties are also very trainable—and it can be even more rewarding once they finally do something that you thought would be impossible! Jack is already litter-trained and knows how to use a scratching post; if you’d like him to learn any more tricks, just give us some tips on how we can help!
  • Cats don’t need someone home all day—but they’re perfectly happy when you are there too! At Teeuwynn Animal Foundation , we know that adopting a new pet means finding someone who fits into your life, not changing your lifestyle entirely; it needs to be an addition rather than a disruption. That’s why we always recommend considering whether your schedule will allow room for owning an animal (whether it’s a cat or another type of pet) before making any commitments. If you’re busy during the day, but looking forward to spending some quality time on evenings and weekends when Jack will be up for playing? He’ll fit right in! And if there’s no one home during most days? No

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