Meet Frankie, He is Relinquishing His Home to a Loving Family

Frankie is a bright, inquisitive and active person who was born on January 15th, 2001.

Frankie is a bright, inquisitive and active person who was born on January 15th, 2001. He grew up in the same house for over 10 years, but has recently decided it’s time for something new.

Frankie loves playing video games and hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys reading and writing.

Frankie’s parents have moved to a new location

Frankie’s parents have moved to a new location in the city, and Frankie is joining them. After that, though, there are two main reasons for why Frankie will be changing homes: 1) A new school and curriculum, 2) Distance from cousins’ house.

Frankie’s new school has an accelerated curriculum that is better suited to his needs than his old school. Although it’s in the same district as his old school, it’s at least 18 miles away.

Frankies is transferring schools

Frankie is on the move! You might remember him from our previous blog about the young socialite and his attempts to get a driver’s license. As Frankie was preparing for his big move last week, he decided that it was time to explore new school options as well.

He had given his current school a fair shot, but it just wasn’t working out. Overall, he felt like they were too strict. It seemed like you needed permission for everything at that school: permission to go outside, permission to use the bathroom, permission to wear your own clothes. He knew that there had to be another way.

Earlier this year, Frankie heard about an exciting new opportunity for home education and couldn’t wait to find out more. Upon speaking with friends who were attending these “home schools” (as they were called), Frankie learned all about the freedom and flexibility that home education offered students and families today! He immediately ran back over to his parents and asked them if he could try a home school too!

Frankie’s new school has an accelerated curriculum.

In many cases, an accelerated curriculum is more challenging than a traditional one due to increased course work and higher academic demands. It’s important for Frankie to think about what this will mean in terms of his new school. He’ll have to do well academically, which will require that he keep up with his homework, study for tests, and get plenty of sleep at night so he can be alert during the day.

Frankie’s new school is far away from his cousins’ house.

Frankie loves his cousins more than anything. Well, other than ice cream. And his new puppy. They all live near Frankie’s old school and they would hang out there all the time.

They would always get their homework done first. And then they would play with the toys in his classroom, or just hang around on the playground and talk about their favorite books and TV shows until it was time to go home for dinner. Sometimes after dinner, they’d FaceTime each other so that they could watch a movie together while eating popcorn and talking about what happened during the day at school.

Frankie will miss seeing his cousins every day, but he is excited to make new friends when he starts at his new school soon! He knows that deep down inside their hearts, his cousins will be happy for him, too!

He is making the change because of his parents’ new job.

Frankie’s parents are moving to a new city for work. They’d like to have Frankie stay with them, but their new home is tiny and won’t accommodate a large dog. They need someone who will give him lots of love and attention.

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