Lulu, the Luv-A-Bull

My dog’s name is Lulu, the Luv-A-Bull.

Hey there! My name is Lulu and I am the cutest dog in the world. My human(s) say so, and I tend to agree. My human(s) also call me Luv-A-Bull because I’m a pit bull mix. They don’t mean anything by it, and hey—maybe one day you’ll meet me in person! If you want to learn more about me, you’ll have to ask my human(s), but here are some pictures of my favorite treats and toys so that you can get to know me better:

She loves to go for walks and get pets.

Of all the lessons Lulu has taught me, her love of walking is one of the most important. Every morning, she gets up and runs to the front door to go for a walk, and every night when we come back from work, she runs out to greet us. She loves going on walks (she also likes getting pets), but I’m not sure if any of this is because she wants to or if it’s because she knows that’s our assigned “sniffing time” in the neighborhood. Regardless of her motivations, I appreciate that after a long day at work, there isn’t much more I want than to go for a walk with my dog; those moments are some of my favorite and help me decompress after being cooped up all day.

I also feel like going for walks have helped bond us even closer together—she always jumps in her bed right when we get home and waits patiently as I take off my shoes. While walking with Lulu, it always amazes me how excited she gets when we see other dogs or people; something about her tail wagging seems to warm people’s hearts and they can’t help but pet her or give us compliments on how adorable our puppy is. It’s nice knowing that whenever Lulu comes along with me during the day (to work or errands or meetings), that in addition to having someone by your side who you love dearly and look forward to seeing every day, you’ll also be bringing an extra smile or two along with you as well!

She loves to get her ears scratched.

Sometimes, all it takes to win over a dog’s heart is the soft scratching of her ears. Her ears are her favorite place to be scratched because she absolutely loves how good it feels. Unlike us humans, the things we like aren’t necessarily the things that feel good. Dogs, on the other hand, don’t have many options when it comes to joy in life—they just love being petted and scratched and they won’t try to pretend otherwise.

Lulu leaned into my hand and tilted her head slightly as I began scratching behind her left ear. Her ears are long, floppy triangles that hang down from her skull like a bat’s wings from its body. As I continued my work with one hand, she closed her eyes ever so slightly, registering the sensation through some private channel of canine delight. This went on for about five minutes until I had worked out all three layers of skin behind Lulu’s ear flap: a thin top layer; a thick middle layer; and at last an innermost membrane that gave way easily as I peeled back its edges with my fingernails. After about ten seconds of total scratching bliss, Lulu slowly lowered herself onto a pile of blankets beside me in bed and fell asleep with a sigh of contentment—this was the most effortless part of our day together so far by far.

She loves to play with her snuffle mat, which we got at a local pet store.

The snuffle mat is a good toy to keep your dog active. It’s also helpful in keeping your dog’s mind sharp.

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  • Snuffle mats are great because they last longer than most dog toys, being stuffed with hair from one of their parents, which is naturally shed over time

She’s really cute and I love her.

Your dog will love you unconditionally and unwaveringly for at least 10 years, but you will still have to shower your dog with affection and give it lots of treats so that he can do tricks in front of all your friends. Other than being a loyal companion, a dog is also useful because its poop makes great fertilizer. It’s impossible not to like how dogs look—they’re furry and they wag their tails! If you’re ready to start the rewarding journey that is caring for a pet, there are many different types of dogs out there (large, medium-sized), but everyone agrees that no matter what kind of dog you get, it’s important to remember that this pet might not last forever. Dogs die or run away sometimes or fall off cliffs or get eaten by wild animals/humans or whatever else happens when nature decides it’s time for an animal to go live on the spirit plane with all the other animals who have died. This can be sad, but if you love someone, you should accept that one day they won’t be with you anymore and move on with your life.

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  • new car!

“Sometimes I just look at my dog and think, ‘How have you put up with me this whole time when I’m such a piece of crap?'”” – Hannah Hart

Dogs have many great qualities: they’re loyal, forgiving, and they always seem to be happy to see you. Dogs are fun to play with and great companions, plus they make excellent snuggle buddies.

What’s especially nice about having a dog is that it’ll love you—no matter what. Even if you’re an insufferable jerk at times and only want your dog around when it suits you, its unending forgiveness will probably surprise you at some point. Dogs are a great way to meet people too: everyone seems more approachable when a dog is nearby. It’s incredible how quickly complete strangers become friends after bonding over a mutual love of dogs.

Dogs are pretty cool.

Dogs are pretty cool, especially when they’re around you all the time. I like dogs, and I have a dog named Santino. He’s a Lhasa Apso who loves to take naps and play chew toys with my friends. So if you have a dog or know someone who has a dog, here’s some fun facts about them:

The most popular breed in American households is the Labrador Retriever—AKA the “world’s greatest pet”!

Did you know that not only are dogs able to smell 10,000 times better than we can (and also hear sounds at four times the distance), but their sense of touch is so sensitive that they can detect changes in atmospheric pressure?

If your dog suddenly gets scared or starts barking for no reason, don’t worry! It’s probably just because it sensed an earthquake long before humans did.

#dadjokesThis is Lulu, the Luv-A-Bull. She’s a French bulldog with a big heart and a tiny body.

She’s also my best friend. I love her so much—she’s always there for me when I need her most, and she looks at me like I’m the greatest thing on earth.

She likes treats that are crunchy, like Milk-Bone® Puffs Original Recipe Dog Treats. They’re great because they don’t crumble all over the floor, but they’re still flavorful enough to make her happy!

Her favorite quote? “I love you more than bacon.”

Hi everyone! I’m Lulu, the Luv-A-Bull. I’m a rescue dog and I’ve been with my human mom for over ten years now. We love to go on adventures together, whether it’s hiking up hills or just taking a walk through the park.

My favorite treat is peanut butter, but don’t tell anyone because I’m supposed to be on a diet.

My favorite quote? “I don’t care if you’re black or white; when you eat my food, it’s coming out your a**.” -Me

Lulu, the Luv-A-Bull, is my favorite dog in the world. She’s a little over a year old now and she’s got the best personality!

I’m not sure what it is about her, but she’s always just so happy to see me when I come home from work or when we go on walks together. She’ll be lounging around on her bed with the most relaxed look on her face, but as soon as she hears me coming down the hall she starts barking and prancing around excitedly. It’s adorable.

She loves to run around outside and play with other dogs at the park, but she also loves to hang out inside and cuddle up with us on our couch when it’s cold outside (and sometimes even when it isn’t). She has a lot of energy, so she needs lots of exercise every day if we want her to stay calm and happy; otherwise she’ll keep trying to get out of our apartment until someone lets her out!

She also just loves to eat—and by “love,” I mean “devour.” There’s nothing quite like coming home from work and finding your dog has somehow eaten half an entire bag of treats in just 20 minutes! We have a rule

Hi, my name is Lulu and I’m a Luv-A-Bull. My favorite treat is peanut butter, and I love it so much that my owner has to take me outside in the backyard so I can eat it without getting it all over the house!

My favorite quote about dogs is from Cesar Milan: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can make an old dog feel new tricks.”

Luv-a-bull Lulu, who is the best dog in the world, LOVES her treats.

She’s a big fan of chicken and sweet potato, but her favorite is peanut butter.

Her favorite quote is: “I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a dog.”

Lulu is our 4-year-old rescue pitbull. She loves snuggling, chewing on squeaky toys, and going for a walk. She also likes to play with other dogs at the dog park, especially puppies!

Her favorite treat is peanut butter—but she’ll eat anything in sight if we’re not careful. We’ve had to say no to a lot of things since she’s been with us!

Her favorite quote is “I’m so excited I could pee my pants.” We don’t understand why she likes it so much—it’s not even funny when we say it—but she does!

Hi there! I’m Lulu. I’m a bulldog and I love to eat. My favorite treat is a cooked chicken breast and my favorite quote is:

“I’m not a human, I’m a dog. I don’t need to explain myself.” -Lulu

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