How to Celebrate National Rescue Dog Day

Give them extra food.

Give them extra food.

The best way to celebrate National Rescue Dog Day with your dog is to give him or her extra food. Give them a bigger portion than normal, some extra wet food, and even some treats if that’s what you normally do. If you don’t normally give treats, it might be a good idea to get some for your dog to enjoy on this special day of celebration and recognition for rescue dogs. Since this is such a special day for these dogs, who have been through so much in their lives already, you may also want to consider giving them some of your own human food (only if it’s healthy for them!). This will allow your dog to feel the most spoiled possible today as he or she celebrates his or her story of survival with you.

Snuggle with them.

  • Shop with your dog.
  • Snuggle with them.
  • Give your dog a treat.

Give them extra treats.

  • Give them extra treats. Fido is going to be super happy if you give him more treats today.
  • Get your dog a treat-filled toy. These are great because they keep them busy and entertained while they’re eating the treats.
  • Give them a rawhide or another type of chew toy that is actually made of meat and so it’s especially delicious.
  • Feed them some kind of fruit or vegetable, like blueberries or carrot slices, for a healthy snack that adds variety to their diet.
  • Let them lick clean the peanut butter jar when you’re done with it—they’ll love this!

Take a hike with them.

Get outside and celebrate your favorite furry friends this National Rescue Dog Day by taking them for a hike! By following some simple guidelines and making the right preparations, you can make sure that your outing is safe, fun, and memorable.

  • The first step to hiking with a rescue dog is finding an area that’s safe for hiking with dogs. There are plenty of national parks across the U.S. that offer stunning views and well-maintained trails for hikers of all experience levels. Many of these parks allow visitors to bring their dogs on leash, which means that they’ll be safe from encountering other wild animals or keeping other hikers safe from potential harm while they’re enjoying the outdoors alongside you!
  • Wear proper clothing and footwear—since you’re going on a hike, it’s important not only to wear clothes appropriate to the conditions in which you’ll be walking but also shoes designed specifically for hiking (which are different than running shoes). We recommend wearing a pair of ankle socks underneath any hiking boots or sneakers because this will help protect against blisters as well as chafing caused by your feet rubbing against one another during long walks. If possible try on several different pairs before buying them so that you know how comfortable each style feels when worn for extended periods at times when temperatures may change rapidly between day/night cycles or dry/wet weather patterns.”

Play a game of fetch.

To celebrate National Rescue Dog Day, we’re playing fetch with our pup. The tradition of playing with a dog has been something my fiancée and I have carried out for years, so the idea of honoring this day by playing fetch with him is a pretty good one.

I can see that despite his lack of interest in the game thus far, he’s starting to get into it; he’s excited about it. It looks like we’re just going to have to force him to play fetch until this day slips away from us and we can again sit around and relax as dog owners enjoying our favorite pastime.

Let them run around the yard freely.

After your dog has been inside all day at work, they will be thrilled to go outside and run around freely. If you have a fenced in yard with no holes or gaps, letting them out is a great way to bond with them and allow them to burn off some energy.

If your dog is trained to come when called, letting them out when you aren’t home can also be an option. Monitor their recall training closely before considering this option. If the weather is bad, do not leave your pups outside for extended periods of time. They may need a break from the cold or heat and water just like humans do! If a dog park is near you and your pup gets along well with other dogs that attend it, why not let them run around there as well? Your dog will thank you!

Watch their favorite movie together.

Put on your dog’s favorite movie and snuggle up with them under a blanket! Make sure you have some treat(s) on hand to celebrate during pivotal moments in the film. If they start to get excited or antsy, pause the flick, give them pet, and then continue watching when they’ve calmed down.

Go to the dog park with them.

This year, National Rescue Dog Day (August 20th) is being celebrated. If you have a rescue dog, make sure you take them to the dog park on the day! The best way to celebrate is by going with your dog friends to meet new dogs! It’s fun for both dogs. Get some water and treats and bring an extra toy if your dog isn’t used to other dogs or playtime. Just remember your leash and waste bags so you don’t get too messy during playtime!

Have fun at the park and be safe out there!

Take pictures of them in their favorite spot in the house.

Dogs make for great photography subjects because they’re naturally expressive and adorable. Plus, you probably have lots of photos of them around the house. This can be a good time to gather more! Take their picture in their favorite spot in the house, or get them to pose next to their favorite toy. Here are some tips:

  • If using your camera, phone, webcam or other device, set it up so that it’s not too high above them—you want to be able to see their face without having to look up too far at a 90-degree angle.
  • Get their attention with a treat or toy while you get ready—this way they won’t run away before you’ve taken the perfect shot!
  • Snap quickly and snap often—dogs move fast and don’t pose well for long periods of time. You may only get one or two very good shots out of a set before they lose interest!
  • You can also use this as an opportunity to capture some candid moments as well; sometimes these turn out better than posed photos anyway!

Do an easy craft with them.

You can also celebrate national rescue dog day by doing an easy craft with them. Making your own toys, treats, and even bandanas is a great way to get in some bonding time and create something unique for your pup. And you can use things you have lying around the house, like old t-shirts or socks that nobody wears anymore!

Some fun ideas for homemade toys include:

  • Stuffing a sock with treats; this is great for puppies that are teething
  • Taking an old T-shirt, stuffing it with a bit of cotton batting or shredded paper, tying it in knots at either end, and letting them chew on it; this is good for puppies that need to be comforted while they’re waiting to get adopted
  • Repurposing a clean plastic bottle by stuffing treats inside (and perhaps adding more knotted fabric strips) so that they have to figure out how to dispense their own food throughout the day

Groom and massage your dog.

Groom and massage your dog.

If you don’t already brush your dog’s coat, try starting now! This is a great way to bond with your dog, especially if they enjoy being brushed. (It’s also good for their coat!) If you have a long haired dog, it’s especially important to brush through their coat regularly for health reasons. Make sure you have the correct tools for grooming your specific breed of dog—some dogs will require a wide-toothed comb or even a slicker brush that helps lift out mats in the fur.

For an at-home spa treatment, rub coconut oil into their coat before brushing or bathing. Coconut oil is great for moisturizing skin and fur and can help soothe dry skin or itchiness. It also smells lovely! For best results, talk to your vet about using coconut oil as part of your pet care routine. They can give you tips and tricks on how to apply it safely and effectively!

No matter how you decide to celebrate your rescue dog, there are many ways to make it fun for both of you!

There are many ways to celebrate National Rescue Dog Day, but no matter how you decide to celebrate your rescue dog, there are many ways to make it fun for both of you. Make sure that the activities you choose are fun for both you and your dog. Some dogs like a lot of treats, while others are happy just to get cuddles. Remember that your dog might have energy on this day, so if they get too excited or start misbehaving then maybe try some calming techniques or put them in a quiet room where they can recuperate and relax.

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