Help! I’m Pet-less During Holidays

Get involved with pet rescues

While the holidays are a time for celebration, not everyone has pets to keep them company. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can get your fix of puppy love or kitten hugs without having to own an animal of your own.

Look into volunteer opportunities with animal shelters and pet rescue groups. Usually, organizations that help abandoned or neglected animals need all the help they can get. You’ll be able to spend some quality time with animals, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to foster one of them!

Fostering an animal is a great way to decide whether that type of pet is right for you.

Volunteer at a shelter

Volunteering at an animal shelter is a great way to do good for animals in your area. If you’re new to volunteering, it’s important that you ease yourself into the routine of helping out. Most shelters will ask volunteers to go through training programs before they start working with the animals. This training can include things like how to clean cages and feed animals as well as how to interact with people looking to adopt pets. Volunteering can be stressful, especially if you’re working with animals who have been abandoned or abused and are afraid of humans, so it’s important not to take on too much at once.

If you’ve volunteered at a shelter before and want to get more involved, there are many other ways you can help out shelters in your area:

  • Helping organizations prepare for pet adoption events
  • Fostering pets who have trouble being around large groups of people
  • Providing medical care for sick or injured stray pets

Visit friends and family with pets

If you have friends or family members who have pets, don’t be afraid to ask if you can stay with them for a few days! This is a great way to get out of the house and get some quality time with animals. You can offer to help out by walking dogs, making sure cats are fed, or even just playing with the pets. All of these things will help put you in a good mood and distract you from being lonely during the holidays.

Plus, it’s a great way to see your friends and family! You can see how they take care of their pets and potentially learn a lot about people this way—a person who loves their cat is probably pretty awesome.

Throw a party for pet owners and their animals

These may be the lonely holidays for you, specifically because you lack a pet. But for your friends and family with pets, these are the most wonderful times of year. They want to enjoy the festivities of the season with their furry companions by their side. So encourage them to do so at your next party!

Invite all of your friends and family members who have pets, especially if they’re also single. Then serve a healthy treat spread that includes things like carrot cake, sweet potato pie, gingerbread men cookies, kitty treats (homemade or store-bought), pup-cakes (homemade or store-bought), and even fresh turkey—so long as it’s cooked well without any bones in it!

In addition to providing them with food and drink options that are pet friendly and holiday themed, set up a fun game where guests can play together with their pets: a mini scavenger hunt around the house is perfect for this. And make sure to save some “people only” snacks until after all of the animals have left so that those who choose to imbibe can eat while drinking if they’d like!

That’s how we got through our first petless holiday season together: throwing parties where we served treats made just for our dog Maxine (and her friends). We’re sure it’ll do wonders too this year when we host people over on Thanksgiving Day.”

Donate money to the Humane Society or other animal rescue organizations

Holidays are meant to be a time of giving, and if you’d like to help out your furry friends this season, there are many ways that you can donate money or supplies. Many animal shelters will have an Amazon wishlist set up on their website with the items they need most, so the simplest way is to head over to their page, order those products (if you’d rather buy from elsewhere it’s really not a big deal), and select “gift” at checkout.

Alternatively, if you prefer getting out into the world and doing things in person, animal shelters are always accepting donations of pet supplies such as food, toys, leashes/collars/harnesses/etc., collars, bedding material and more. You could also give them crates or other furniture for the animals in their care if you’re redecorating. On top of that monetary donations are always needed. The Humane Society suggests donating about thirty dollars per month; for those on a tighter budget there is usually an option on their websites (or any other local animal assist organization’s website) where you can sign up and have smaller amounts withdrawn every week or month automatically.

There are many ways to get out, meet people, and help animals without having your own.

  • Find a local pet-friendly event on the website This is a great way to meet people and you can arrange to walk with dogs together.
  • Adopt an animal from a shelter or temporary care center. The holidays are a time of giving, so what better way to spread joy than by welcoming an animal who needs a home into your life? If there’s anywhere that you’ll be able to have lots of people over and animals will be welcome, this is the place for it!
  • Volunteer at a shelter or rescue organization. You can give back while also being around animals that need extra love and attention during this busy season when they may not be getting enough from their humans.
  • Go visit friends or family with pets who will welcome you into their home for the holidays! Offering your help taking care of their pets, if needed, and accompanying them on walks will probably go far toward making them happy and grateful for your presence in their lives.
  • Throw a party for pet owners and invite all the humans–and their furry companions, too! Ask your friends what kind of food their pets might enjoy (e.g., mashed sweet potato) and make sure there’s some available for them when you’re serving dinner or having snacks out during parties–they’ll feel included as much as possible!
  • Donate money to humane societies or other animal rescue organizations in honor of those who don’t have pets but would like one day–this gift is sure to bring them joy! Plus it helps pay for all those things these groups do every day such as vaccinating newborn puppies against rabies so they don’t get sick when people adopt them later on down the line.”

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