Four Crazy Adoption Stories

Story one:

  • Carolina, a one-year-old pit bull mix from Florida, came to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay because she was pregnant. She gave birth to five healthy puppies and was about to go home with her new owner when her puppies started having seizures. Two of the pups died before they could be diagnosed with a rare metabolic disease that affects brain function. Carolina’s new owner was offered an explanation, but he decided that he wanted all five pups so he could take care of them until they died—which is what will happen if their condition goes untreated. [link]

Story two:

  • At the end of a long, dusty road in Nowhere, TX lay an exhausted animal, who had been abandoned by its owners. It was discovered by a kind person on their way home from work and brought to the humane society where it was nursed back to health. Weeks later, this animal was adopted by a caring family.

Story three

Story three:

Murphy was a cute, four-month-old kitten who was adopted from a shelter in 2009. His new owner, Alex, had been looking for a pet to help him recover after being injured in the line of duty. The two now live together in Chicago and spend their days playing with yarn and Murphy dreaming about catching mice.

Story four

Finally, there’s another lesson we can learn from this. You’ve probably heard the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, you CAN! And you will be rewarded for your efforts too, as it turns out.

The ASPCA says that older animals make great pets for several reasons: they’re less likely to chew up your shoes, so if you have some fancy ones that you love, those are safe; they’re trained on a bathroom routine already; and they don’t need as much exercise. However, take note that adopting older dogs is one of the most expensive ways to get a furry friend in your life: remember how much health care generally costs when we age? Same goes for our four-legged pals.

You can find amazing animals at your local humane society.

If you have been eyeing an adorable ball of fluff that’s been bouncing around your local humane society, don’t hesitate to adopt it—you’ll be giving new homes to all kinds of wonderful animals. And who knows what kind of amazing pets you can find there? The sad cat featured in this blog was adopted at a humane society. Your perfect companion could be sitting in an animal shelter right now, waiting for you!

Before we get into our adoption stories, I’d like to discuss the difference between a ‘shelter’ and a ‘humane society.’ A shelter is run by the government or tax-supported funding. Humane societies are private non-profit organizations with no affiliation with the federal or municipal governments. Humane societies depend on money from donors. If you want to give back to your local animal shelter or humane society, consider donating money so that they can help more furry friends!

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