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Kittens are basically mini cats.

A kitten, as we’ve established, is the young of a cat. This means that the word “kitten” is used to describe a young cat, just like how “calf” describes a young cow. The most observable difference between a kitten and an adult cat is size—a kitten will be much smaller than a full-grown cat. Kittens will also generally be more playful than cats. They’re bundles of energy and can often be seen chasing one another around or batting at small toys with their cute little paws.

I can’t get over how cute the little fluffballs are!

Kittens are so cute that it’s almost impossible to resist them. You’re not alone in wanting to rush out and bring home as many of the little fluffballs as possible. Scientists have taken an interest in this irresistible effect, and by looking at kittens through a researcher’s lens, we can gain a deeper understanding of why they make us want to shower them with love and affection!

So why are kittens so cute? It’s because they know how to be adorable. Kittens use their cuteness as part of their evolutionary strategy to survive: by looking like something you want to take care of, it’s more likely that you will do just that!

Some scientists think that the way that kittens look is connected with the way babies look: round heads, big eyes, tiny noses, and fuzzy fur all help infants communicate their need for care-taking. Because kittens share these characteristics with human babies—and because humans have evolved to respond positively to these traits—they win us over without any effort on their part!

Kittens are so playful, I can’t resist them.

Kittens are so small, and their tiny paws are irresistible. They playfully tap your shoulder or pat you on the back. You can sit down, and they’ll climb all over you like a jungle gym. Their claws may be needle-sharp, but as they mewlllllllllll in a tiny baby voice and look up at you with those huge eyes…well, how can you say no?

Guess what? Kittens and cats aren’t the same thing!

As I was writing this blog, I was sitting at my desk, looking out the window at the doggie door that leads to our back yard. It was about 11 am and the sun was already beating down on me. So when I saw a little kitten walk by on its way to Dora’s backyard, I started crying because it’s so cute and also probably just lost its mom. There were lots of different kinds of noises coming from outside: dogs running around barking, kids playing up in their tree in front of ours, cars driving by echoing loud as they passed close to us. And it came across my mind that life is always loud all around us and there are so many sounds sometimes you can’t hardly hear what’s going on anymore. But then again, who knows if cats or kittens really understand all these noises? Probably they’re too busy enjoying their own lives and being cute (although maybe they don’t even realize they are). Sure when you see them you feel like doing things for them but most likely they aren’t thinking about what kind of clothes to wear or which party to go to or whatever else people who have time for those things think about.

My kitten had a bath for the first time today, and she wasn’t too happy about it.

I’ve always had cats, but never kittens before. As a result, I was not prepared for the sheer amount of cuteness overload that comes with bathing one. My kitten had her first bath today, and to say she was unhappy about it would be an understatement. She started out by hiding from the water in a fleece blanket, then she tried running away. The tears! The tiny little cries! I wanted to dry her off and give her a treat immediately. But bath time is something that needs to be done eventually—and later on my kitten calmed down enough to get used to it once we got started.

The actual bath itself went quickly—kitten shampoo isn’t as thick as human shampoo so it rinsed off pretty fast—and once I finished towel drying my new furry friend there was no more crying or terror; just a relaxed cat enjoying being warm and snuggly again. And yes, even though she gave me such a hard time at first, I couldn’t help but think how adorable she looked with tiny bubbles in her fur.

You know you’re crazy about kittens when you’ve read at least one article on this blog.

You’re crazy about kittens!

You’re crazy about all cats, really. You can’t get enough of cat videos. You know more about cute kitten behavior than you’d like to admit to your friends and family. You want even more kitten knowledge? Well, you’ve come to the right place!Cuteness Overload: a blog about those crazy cute kittens!

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Cuteness Overload: a blog about those crazy cute kittens! We write about our favorite animal, the kitten. We take photos of kittens and add them to our posts.

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Hi! I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of those crazy cute kittens. It’s like they’re just too small and sweet to be real. I hope everyone in the world could have a kitten to hug and care for—just one little bundle of joy, even if it’s tiny.

Unfortunately, many kittens aren’t so lucky. Many are left abandoned by their mothers after birth, or even worse, born in the wild with no mother at all. Even when they are taken in by loving families, they often don’t get the proper nutrition or care they need to grow up big and strong.

So that’s why we here at [blog name] want to help people take the right steps in caring for their kittens and keeping them safe. We’ll talk about how to pick out a kitten, what kinds of foods you should feed your kitten, how to train your kitten to use the litter box, and much more!

Hey y’all, and welcome to Cuteness Overload.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any cuter, we found a new thing that is just THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST!

It’s beyond cute. It’s beyond adorable. It’s beyond precious—this new thing has cuteness overload. I mean, it is Cuteness Overload!

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