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Kittens are wonderful, but they require special care and attention. Before you adopt a tabby kitten, consider if you are ready to take on the responsibility.

  • Adopting a kitten is a big deal. Cats, unlike dogs, are moody and hard to read. Even the cute little ones you see at the shelter or rescue center have hidden depths that may not be apparent at first glance. When you adopt a kitten, it’s like introducing your life to someone new—and that someone has claws and / or teeth (and probably both).
  • Kittens require special care and attention. Like babies, they need food and water daily; like toddlers, they may need special toys, bottles or baby formula; like teens and young adults with severe mental illness, they may occasionally become… distressed.
  • The majority of kitten owners are unprepared for this responsibility. Due to their shy nature, kitties tend to remain in the safety of their homes for most of their lives. As such, most potential adopters aren’t prepared for the huge amount of work involved in caring for a cat; many don’t realize that cats need special litter boxes (cat feces is not good for any pet’s health); others don’t know how to properly clean up after them (urine stains on carpeting can be difficult to remove)

Kittens don’t raise themselves

Kittens may be ever-so-cute, but they don’t raise themselves. You will need to commit substantial time and resources if you would like to adopt one of these furry little creatures. Before taking the plunge, ask yourself: do I have the time, money, and patience to take care of a kitten?

Let’s begin with the basics. Everyone knows that a kitten needs food—but few new adoptees remember to factor in costs such as fresh water and cat litter. You’ll also need to buy small toys and treats for your little friend so he or she can stay active and healthy. Don’t forget that kitty litter needs changing regularly!

On top of these consumable costs, you’ll also need to consider expenses such as veterinary appointments and grooming sessions at the groomer’s (if you want your kitten’s fur looking its best).

Of course, all of this assumes that everything goes smoothly without any hiccups in your kitten’s health or temperament along the way. Consider buying pet insurance from an insurance company that specializes in pets; this will help protect you from unexpected expenses down the road.Cats are a great pet, and kittens are the best.

Adopt a Tabby Kitten is here to tell you all about cats and kittens, and why they are the best pets ever.

Cats are very independent animals, which makes them the ideal pet for people who work long hours. They are also low maintenance, only needing food and water daily, a clean litter box and some fun toys to keep them busy.

Most importantly though, cats make cuddly companions that will stay by your side through thick and thin. That is why Adopt a Tabby Kitten is such a great site! We have lots of adorable tabby kittens up for adoption in your area!

Head over to our site now to see all of our adorable little furballs!

Find a kitten that’s perfect for you on Adopt a Tabby Kitten!

We know what it’s like to want a kitten all your own. You’ve probably been looking around the Internet, hoping to find a kitten that’s just right for you. Maybe you’ve already found plenty of kittens, but they’re not all tabbies. That’s okay, we get it. We have so many kittens here at [company name] that are tabbies or tabby mixes, and we’re sure you’ll find one that makes your heart sing!

We are completely gaga over Tabby cats! We just know you will be, too.

Tabby cats are one of the most common types of cats in the world, and that’s no surprise to us. They’re hilarious, playful, and curious. They’re loyal, too—once a Tabby takes you as their human, be prepared for cuddles for life!

So what are you waiting for? Adopt a tabby kitten today!

Tabby Kittens are funny. They’re cute. They’re fluffy. They poop in your shoes if you don’t clean their litter box often enough.

When you adopt a kitten, you have to make sure you’re ready for the commitment. There are lots of new responsibilities, and it’s not always easy.

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a kitten, this site is for you. We’ll help you figure out if your family would be a good fit for a kitten, how to pick the right cat for your situation, and what supplies and products to get so that both of you will be comfortable in your new home.

Tabby kittens are almost as cute as they are smart. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but one thing is consistent with all tabby kittens—they’re playful, loving and full of life!

If you’re looking for a beautiful new addition to your family, consider adopting a tabby kitten. Here are just a few reasons why it’s an excellent choice:

All cats are pretty independent, but tabbies take “easy to care for” to a whole new level. They don’t need much more than a litter box and some food (make sure you get the good stuff—tabbies like high-quality cat food).

They’re extremely intelligent. Tabbies can be trained to do tricks like sit and fetch. Who needs a dog when you can have that kind of obedience in a cat?

Tabbies make excellent companions for the elderly. Many elderly people enjoy having a pet around because it gives them something to focus on other than their aches and pains. If you have an elderly neighbor or loved one who would benefit from having a companion animal, please consider giving them the gift of companionship by adopting a tabby kitten this holiday season!

Can’t resist the urge to scratch up your couch? Can’t help but chew on your favorite shoes? Don’t know how many rolls of toilet paper you’ve gone through this week?

Well, we’ve got something you’ll love.

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