11 Reasons Why You Should Adopt From a Shelter

You can find a pet that matches your personality.

Don’t get me wrong—animal breeders are essential to the survival of some species. However, most people don’t need to go that route.

As you might imagine in a shelter, there are a lot of different animals who all have their own personalities. You can look at the individual animals’ traits and pick out which one you think matches your personality best. Maybe you like quiet, friendly cats—you can find that. Maybe you like energetic dogs—you can find that, too!

Not only do shelters have plenty of options for whatever creature you’re looking for, but shelters also have staff who are trained to help you figure out what animal’s personality is the best match for yours. Some shelters even let prospective adopters observe the animal before deciding whether or not they want it—so if that cat seems a little too quiet or that dog seems a bit too energetic, it’s not a problem!

So if adopting is something you’re interested in doing, stop by your local shelter today!

Dogs and cats in shelters are healthy, friendly and well-behaved.

One of the misconceptions people have about adopting animals from shelters is that they are not healthy, social or well-behaved. In fact, just like animals you buy in stores, dogs and cats in shelters are generally very healthy and friendly. They’ve been vaccinated and neutered/spayed; some have even gone through training to show you how smart and well-behaved they are.

If you’re still concerned about your potential new friend’s health or temperament, most shelters allow you to spend time with the animal before bringing it home. If this isn’t an option for the shelter you’re interested in, then maybe consider going to a shelter where it is.

The point is: don’t shy away from adopting a dog or cat just because he was found homeless on the street—he may be even more loving than those “fancy” dogs at the store!

You save an animal in need.

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you are helping to save more than just one life. You are opening up a much needed space for another animal in need. The ASPCA estimates that 7.6 million animals enter shelters each year, and 3.9 million of those pets are dogs. There are many reasons why a pet may end up at the shelter: their owners died or can no longer care for them; they were found as strays; they were relinquished by their owners because they could not afford to keep them or move into housing that does not accept pets; or even worse, they were rescued after being abused or neglected by their previous owners.

If you have room in your heart and home to adopt, you can directly affect this problem and make a difference in the lives of pets everywhere! By bringing home an animal in need, you open up a spot at the shelter so they can help another pet and bring them into safety as well.

It is cost effective.

  • It is cost effective.

Adopting a pet from a shelter, without any question, is financially wise as compared to buying from a pet store or breeder. A list of adoption fees can be found on the website of most shelters, and this amount is usually just hundreds of dollars — much cheaper than buying from breeders. Also, the adoption fee includes vaccinations and spaying or neutering costs (which you have to pay for separately when you buy pets). Moreover, shelter pets are often already housetrained and trained in basic commands like “sit” and “stay”!

It allows the shelter to bring in other animals that need immediate care.

Adopting an animal allows the shelter to make room for homeless animals that might need immediate care. Shelters are limited in how many animals they can accommodate, and shelters exist to care for animals in need. That means that when an animal comes into the shelter, it’s very likely to be prioritized for adoption based partly on how much space the shelter has available. Animals that don’t get adopted out quickly could be euthanized because of lack of space, or because they require medical attention that the shelter cannot provide due to limited resources.

Shelter pets have forever grateful hearts and will show you their love daily!

They are forever grateful and will show you their love daily.

Adopting a dog or cat from a shelter means that you’re saving not only one life but two. Because the animals in shelters are so happy and appreciative, they will be the most loving pets you could ever have. Once they get to go home with their new forever family, it’s like being adopted by your own pet!

Shelter pets know how it feels to lose everything and want nothing more than to find a loving family of their own. They are so grateful for every kind gesture, every meal, every bone or toy…and especially every bit of affection from their new humans. You can see that in their behavior; they wag their tails non-stop and purr so loudly when you pet them that it feels like the world is ending!

If there were ever any doubts about dogs or cats being man’s best friend, shelter pets prove them wrong all day long. They are loyal and grateful to those who rescue them from shelters—not just on special occasions when treats are involved!

You can find purebred dogs and cats in a shelter.

  • You can get a purebred dog or cat. A lot of people think they have to go to a breeder or buy from a pet store in order to get a purebred, but that is actually very far from the truth. 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred, so if you have your heart set on getting a particular breed, there’s an excellent chance you can find one at your local shelter.
  • You know what you’re getting. When you adopt from a shelter, you almost always get to meet the animal before deciding whether to take it home with you. This allows you to find out things like the animal’s personality and behavior so that you know what it will be like living with them – something that can’t really be done at pet stores or when buying animals online.

Shelters have great resources for you as a new pet owner.

Shelters are resources for pet care and animal welfare. Not only do they provide a place for animals to stay safe, but they also provide you with a wealth of information about your new family member.

The team at the shelter will help you find the pet that is best suited to your home, living environment and activity level. If you have other pets in your household, many shelters offer a “meet and greet” so you can ensure that everyone gets along well before finalizing the adoption process.

Shelters also provide resources for training, behavior and pet care; pet proofing and safety; health and wellness; food and nutrition; insurance options; foster programs; spay/neuter programs as well as low-cost veterinary services—all helping to keep pets in their homes while promoting longer lives.

All shelter pets are spayed or neutered before going to their new homes.

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Many animals in shelters come with house training and socialization skills, making them perfect for first-time pet owners.

Many animals in shelters come with house training and socialization skills, making them perfect for first-time pet owners.

When a dog or cat is adopted from a shelter, they’ve often been around people and other animals throughout their lives. As a result, these animals are more likely to behave well in their new home than pets purchased from breeders or pet stores. Unsocialized pets are more likely to have behavioral problems and may not know how to behave when exposed to new stimuli like different environments and new people.

You can have unconditional love from a dog or cat who really, really needs it!

Many dogs and cats in shelters have been abandoned and will display an infinite amount of appreciation to you for giving them a human to love. This is a very powerful and rewarding experience! It will give you the warm fuzzies!

You’ll also gain a loyal companion who loves you unconditionally for life, if you show them your love for life. It’s hard to find that kind of love anywhere else in the world.

Adopting a pet is not only smart and affordable but also lifesaving.

Adopting a pet is not only smart and affordable but also lifesaving.

As much as you may like the idea of a purebred puppy, adopting will be better for both you, your pocketbook, and most importantly: the animal. For one thing, adoption saves lives—every time someone adopts an animal from a shelter or rescue group, they are saving a life. And when you adopt, you’re not just helping that particular pet find their forever home—you’re also making room in your local shelter so they can help other animals in need. Win-win!

In addition to being lifesaving, adopting animals is super affordable and convenient. The cost of adopting an animal almost always less than purchasing them from a breeder or pet store—not to mention all of the perks that come with adoption! Most shelters provide microchipping (which can be costly), spaying/neutering (which can also be costly!), vaccinations (another biggie!), and even training classes at no extra cost to you!

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