10 Little Known Dog Free Zone Placesto Take Your Dogs for a Walk

Centennial Park

Next on our list is Centennial Park. This park is located at 1575 West Baker Road, Baytown, TX 77521. It’s a beautiful park with a playground for the kids and picnic area for those who want to enjoy a nice meal in the great outdoors. Your dog will love it here because of the 2.5-mile walking trail that is paved and not well-shaded. The trail winds through the park and offers crisp views of an outdoor amphitheater and fountains as you walk along it.

Hermann Park

Hermann Park offers a lot of open space for your dog to run around. This is the second largest park in Houston and it features lots of trees, a large meadow that stretches out across nearly 200 acres, as well as a dog run. The meadow is where dogs are allowed to run off-leash. You can bring your dog there any time you want, but they have to remain on leash if you’re walking through the rest of the park.

Discovery Green Dog Run and Fenced Area

Discovery Green Dog Run and Fenced Area is a perfect place for your dog to run around and socialize if you are in the downtown area. There is a large fenced-in grassy area with water bowls, which your dog will love. You will also be able to play fetch with them without fear of losing one of their balls. The park has two picnic tables that allow you to sit down and eat or drink while watching your dogs play.

To make sure they have fun, make sure you bring their toys! If they don’t like running, try bringing a frisbee instead (it can also help them get exercise). This park is so close to many businesses that it makes it easy for you to go shopping while they hang out at the off-leash part of the park.

You’ll find Discovery Green on Avenida de las Americas between McKinney St & Lamar St in Houston TX 77010.

Canine Commons Off Leash Dog Park

Address: 4610 West Dog Leash Blvd, Austin, TX 78705

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours

Amenities: Handicap accessible restroom facilities, separate small dog area, water fountain, plenty of parking

Rules: All dogs must be current on vaccinations and have a valid county license. Dogs that are sick or in heat are not allowed. Owners must stay with their dogs at all times and keep them on a leash until they get to the fenced-in play area. Owners must clean up after their dogs. Dogs are running at their own risk – The Canine Commons Off Leash Dog Park is not liable for any injuries sustained by your dog during his or her time there. It’s also the owner’s responsibility to police their own pets for aggressive behavior against other animals and people so as to avoid any altercations.

One of the three Buffalo Bayou trails

Though Buffalo Bayou is home to several trails, the three longest are Sabine Promenade, which runs for 2.8 miles; Buffalo Bayou Hike and Bike Trail, which runs for 1.45 miles; and Lost Lake Hike and Bike Trail, which runs for 1.2 miles. Sabine Promenade begins at Shepherd Drive on the west side of the bayou and ends at the Allen Parkway Bridge on the east side. Lost Lake Hike and Bike Trail terminates right before it reaches Memorial Park but is accessible off of Allen Parkway by a small parking lot underneath Sabine St.

The Buffalo Bayou Hike and Bike trail consists of four access points: one off of Montrose Blvd., one off of Allen Parkway in between Taft St. and Memorial Dr., another just east of Waugh Dr., and the last from Memorial Park where it meets up with the Lost Lake trail. All three trails can be walked or jogged on foot or cycled with a bike along their full length except for two places: under Memorial Dr., where bikers must dismount their bikes because of traffic congestion, as well as a portion at either end where cyclists are redirected onto nearby streets in order to avoid traffic congestion there as well (detailed maps are available online).

Houston Bark Park

  • Location: On the east side of Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston, TX.

Leash Rules: Dogs must be leashed at all times.

Other Dog-Friendly Areas Nearby: The entire Buffalo Bayou Park is dog friendly, but dogs are not allowed in Memorial Park.

Amenities for a Good Walk: Water and waste stations available. Free parking available. Trails are not paved, lighted or wheelchair accessible.

Memorial Park – Jogging Trails

Memorial Park is a park in Tulsa, OK. The park is about 300 acres and has 10 miles of jogging trails that are regularly maintained by the city. No matter what your skill level is, you will be able to find a suitable trail for your needs.

More information:

  • __Park Facilities__ – There are drinking fountains, flush toilets, and benches along the trails throughout the park. These facilities are well-maintained by the city of Tulsa and cleaned at least once a week, but may not be available during large events taking place in the park or if there are mechanical issues with them. Dogs are allowed to use these facilities but must be leashed and supervised at all times.
  • __Recreational Opportunities__ – There are no organized recreational activities at this site since it is considered to be a natural area. However, visitors can play disc golf on certain parts of property with prior permission from the Parks Department (call them at (918) 596-7433). There’s also an archery range that can be used by individuals with their own equipment (you’ll need to sign up ahead of time).

The Heights Hike and Bike Trail

The Heights Hike and Bike Trail

If you want to get out of the city but don’t want to drive more than a couple of hours, the elevation changes and natural beauty that await you on the Heights Hike and Bike Trail will make it feel like you’ve gone much further.

Located near the town of Ozona, Texas, this trail is roughly an hour west from Austin. To get there from Austin, take I-10 west until you reach State Highway 16. Take a left onto SH 16 and follow it for about 12 miles. When you reach Ozona, turn right onto Ranch Road 335. This road will lead directly to your destination. You can find more detailed directions here: https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/texas/heights-hike-and-bike-trail?u=i

Restrictions: No dogs allowed on this trail

There are no restrictions in place at this time due to COVID.

Other activities in the area: Paintball is popular in the area if you enjoy outdoor recreation or are having a bachelor party or other event with people who do! There’s also a wildlife museum nearby if hiking isn’t really your thing but you’d still like to enjoy some of the natural beauty that this area has to offer. The museum is free as long as you donate what you would like after visiting (although they can only accept cash donations).

Cost: Free!

Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike Trail

Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike Trail is located in Houston, Texas, along the banks of Buffalo Bayou. The park is long and skinny, with bike paths winding through miles of tall trees. It’s a great spot to take your dog on an afternoon stroll or to play fetch.

The park opened in 1956 and has had many different names over the years. Originally called Buffalo Bayou Park, it was renamed after Terry Hershey in 1987. Terry Hershey was a local real estate developer who helped protect Buffalo Bayou from developers.

There are multiple entry points for you and your dog to get into the trail system at Terry Hershey Park:

  • Along Eldridge Parkway between Dairy Ashford Road and Park Row Drive (Closest entrance to Beltway 8)
  • Between Kempwood Drive and Campbell Road off of Tuckerton Road
  • Off Blalock Road near Fondren Road (Near Kingsland Boulevard)

There are some areas in Houston where dogs are allowed.

In Houston, you are allowed to walk your dog in many areas. You are not allowed to walk your dog in certain areas.

Dogs are allowed in parks, walking trails and off-leash parks.10 Little Known Dog Free ZonePlaces to Take Your Dogs for a Walk

Whether you’re training your dog to not be aggressive around other dogs or you just want a quiet stroll in the park, these 10 hidden gems provide the perfect opportunity.

1. Your Own House

2. A Different House

3. The Shed in Your Backyard

4. Any Old House You Don’t Visit Often Enough (spooky!)

5. The Trunk of a Car

6. A Public Park (with a leash)

7. A Public Park (without a leash)

8. Some Other Person’s House (while they’re sleeping, obviously)

9. The Shed at the Park (forget what I said about #3)

11. Anywhere You Want!

10 Little Known Dog Free Zone Places to Take Your Dogs for a Walk

1. The Garden of Earthly Delights

2. The Local Library

3. The White House in Washington D.C.

4. The Louvre: the famous Museum in Paris, France

5. Aisle 5 of your local grocery store

6. Any Wedding you have been invited to as a guest (not a vendor)

7. The DMV

8. Anywhere that is not on this list

Already taken your dog to the local dog park? Bored with all of the local pet shops? Maybe you need to get out of town and enjoy a walk with your pooch in a new and exciting location. Here are ten little-known dog free zones for you and Fido to enjoy:

1. The Grand Canyon

2. Yellowstone National Park

3. The White House

4. The Mount Everest Base Camp

5. Buckingham Palace

6. The Great Wall of China

7. Area 51

8. The International Space Station (ISS)

9. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

10. The Vatican

Parks and streets all over the world are as dog-friendly as can be, but do you ever get tired of stepping in poop? We know we do!

Luckily, there are plenty of places to take your dog for a walk that don’t involve sharing a sidewalk with anyone. Here are 10 of our favorite dog-friendly places off the beaten path (no pun intended).

1. Your local butcher shop. Not only is your local butcher a great place to pick up bones and meaty organ bits, but they are extremely welcoming to dogs! You’ll find butchers all over the country who will be happy to give you pointers on how best to feed your pet, how much of it they need, and what kind of bones are best for what kind of dog. Plus, there’s always the possibility that they’ll give you some tasty offcuts for yourself.

2. Your local nursery or garden center. Some garden centers allow people to bring their dogs inside while they peruse the plants and flowers. But even if you have to leave your pooch outside, this is still a great place for pets to enjoy the sights and smells of nature without having to walk too far from home.

3. Your local drugstore or pharmacy. While not

Hey friends,

Wondering where you can take your dog for a walk without getting in trouble? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there—trying to give our furry little friends some exercise, and then BAM! A cop pulls up and starts yelling at you because he’s “officially” not allowed on that beach. Totally unfair. My dog is just as much of a person as anyone else! (JK, he’s not. But he’s still a good boy.)

Here are 10 awesome spots to take your dog for a walk:

1. Your backyard

2. The park down the street

3. The trail by my house that I go on every day with my good boy Basil

4. The beach (just avoid the cops)

5. Outside your house while you watch TV on the couch (it counts!)

6. Around the block before you go to work in the morning

7. To the store to pick up your groceries (you want to keep your pup healthy, so why wouldn’t you want him to come??)

8. On top of a mountain (or hill will do too) with an amazing view (you could just wait for a rainstorm and run outside too… if

1) Bank (they don’t want you and your dog sniffing all over their money!)

2) Post Office (Postal workers have enough fleas to deal with, ok?)

3) Museum (the art is not for sniffing!)

4) Amusement Park (you don’t want that spooking the horses!)

5) Swim Beach (it’s not their fault they don’t like the water!)

6) Restaurant (their food is not for sharing!)

7) Movie Theater (no one likes cleaning up animal hair off the seats!)

8) Library (that’s why they got rid of the books–your dog would just chew them up anyways!)

9) Grocery Store (don’t even think about letting your dog pick out the produce!)

10) School (you wouldn’t bring your baby to school would you? No! They’re babies too!)

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